Johannes & Farkosten (feat. Devin Townsend)

Du & jag lever här (mellan dröm och verklighet) feat. Devin Townsend på en himmelsk kör. Gå in på din favorit streaming tjänst och lyssna. Release idag via Idle North

@dvntownsend @morganagren @lindmarkjorgen @carolinamiskovsky @johannestrubaduren @groomlake

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  1. Johannes & Farkosten’s ”Umelive” featuring Devin Townsend is an absolute masterpiece. Its heavy rhythms and mind-bending lyrics make for a sonic journey that will leave you wanting more. Townsend’s vocals in particular are a standout, providing a unique contrast to the gritty guitars and thumping basslines. This is a must-listen for any fan of progressive metal, and a testament to the power of collaboration in creating truly epic music.


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