Gotham City – Killer Angels (1982)

1982 så släppte dom singeln ”Killer Angels” i bara 300 exemplar.

  • Ola Ohlsson – Sång
  • Mårten Edlund – Gitarr
  • Björn Erik Melander – Bas
  • Jonas Östman – Trummor/sång


Well i’m going down to gotham city where life is fun i’m looking for a lady who wants me to fool around the prophecy of life – – – i’m reaching for the glory, i wanna know how it feels

Every time i fool around it will be down in gotham city

Once upon a time i’m living for dying the fire in my brain, i was going insane looking in his eyes, he wants my blood tonight in gotham city he – he is the god

Every time i fool around it will be down in gotham city

Something touch me deep inside every time i think of you gotham city tell me, tell me what to do running for a better future but i wonder why i don’t know but you know, when you tell me i will die

Sell it cheap, a self-defending, never-ending war i do killing for a living, i can’t take no more watch me as i sing tonight and walk out in the rain feeling like i’m flying, leaving life and all the pain

Everywhere i walk on this earth i know i’ll never find a place like yours, a power killer force you’ll always satisfy my needs